Petra Šarin

Petra Šarin

Petra Šarin (1992, Zagreb) has a Master’s degree in Art History and Portuguese Language and Literature from Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb. Since 2020 she has been a PhD student of Art History at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Nova University of Lisbon, Portugal. She is currently researching the representation of women workers and the conceptualization of ‘female work’ in works of Portuguese art and Croatian art from 1930s to 1950s, which she tends to interpret within the framework of social reproduction theory.

So far, she has participated in seven art history conferences and held twelve exhibitions as an independent curator. She writes articles on visual arts for the Croatian website Vizkultura. In 2021 she developed and organized a free education program entitled “How to think about urbanism and public space?”, which analyzes public space as a place that reflects cultural policies and dominant social and gender relations.

Her areas of interest are art theory, art history from a Marxist feminist point of view, socially engaged artistic practices and rethinking the public space. In her spare time, she supports antifascist organizations that deal with human rights.

She speaks fluent English and Portuguese.


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