From Emi Pikler’s nappy-changing table to the artificial womb. Feminist design history of giving birth and being born.

25 July 2023

Author: Viktoria Popovics   Book review: Michelle Millar Fisher and Amber Winick: Designing Motherhood. Things that make and break our Birth, MIT Press, 2021. https://designingmotherhood.org/   Designing Motherhood is a collaborative research project in a variety of forms, based on the personal experiences and professional engagement of two design historians,...

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Social imprints of being a woman

20 October 2022

Interview with the artist Ágnes Eperjesi on motherhood, gender, and women’s rights in contemporary Hungary   Ágnes Eperjesi (1965, Budapest) works in several mediums, from photograms, through installations, to projects mixing performance and public demonstration. In her practice, the artist examines the medium of photography and its hidden potential...

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Social Reproduction and the Writing of History

3 March 2022

Currently in Warsaw, two exhibitions are on view that focus on social reproduction and writing of women’s history. Social reproduction can be understood as work that is beyond productive work, or, as Tithi Bhattacharya explains: “the activities and institutions that are required for making life, maintaining life, and generationally...

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Monuments to Unborn Children

16 December 2021

Watching the increasingly restrictive abortion legislation that other US states besides Texas and Mississippi, or Poland in Europe, are now looking to enact, one wonders if or when this conservative turn will be reflected in the society which they  live in. What are the political steps and social developments...

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