Magali Lara and Carmen Boullosa at MUNAL, Mexico City (November 2022 to March 2023)

28 April 2023

Author: Madeline Murphy Turner, Ph.D. In January 2019, Carmen Boullosa (Mexico City, b. 1954) and Magali Lara (Mexico City, b. 1956) invited me to co-curate an exhibition about their more than forty-year collaboration. I had come to know the two creators through the research for my dissertation, “What Women Write:...

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Iurhi Peña’s comic, a tender and scathing intrusion into the Art World

5 April 2023

Author: Unx Pardo Ibarra Iurhi Peña is a visual artist from Mexico City; her artistic practice includes drawing, graphic art, animation, comic and self-publishing. From her own experience, she has problematized the violence experienced by feminized bodies, paying special attention to everyday life, popular culture and the territory of Mexico...

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Strategies of women artists: Leonora Carrington and Female friendship

20 January 2023

When faced with the presentation “strategies of women artists” I could not help but think of Leonora Carrington’s friendship with other women artists, how they helped each other through difficult periods and inspired one another creatively and artistically. The idea of female friendship adopted in this text is based...

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“[Re] Generating… Narratives and Imaginaries Women in dialogue”: Absences and erasures in art collections in Mexico

20 December 2022

INTRODUCTION  The exhibition “[Re] Generating… Narratives and Imaginaries Women in Dialogue” is being presented at the Kaluz Museum in Mexico City from October 15, 2022, to April 24, 2023 and has been curated by art historian Karen Cordero Reiman. The exhibition invites us to reflect on the absence of...

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A “bifid bookess” sent to the past as feminist-cuir/queer artistic practice

20 September 2022

As part of the feminist-cuir[1]/queer art collective INVASORIX[2], I want to take the opportunity to share, on my own behalf, our most recent publication, called FUTURIX. A feminist collection of visionary fiction of artistic practices and creative writing (2022). I think it can be significant according the ideas that...

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Objects, the unusual and the unrepresentable in the production of Kati Horna

10 June 2022

Mexican art from the first half of the 20th century reveals a necessary and inevitable dialogue with the international context. Although Mexican art sought the identity construction of “Mexicanness”, the links with the international context are unquestionable, and such is the case of Hungarian artist Kati Horna. She arrived...

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“Indicios de una revuelta artística feminista” [“Signs of a feminist artistic revolt”] A transhistorical dialogue

22 February 2022

In recent years, feminist proposals, initiatives, and themes have been increasingly included in the cultural agenda of different spaces and public and private institutions in Mexico and Latin America in general. It seems to ordinary people that it is a manifestation of recent interest in these issues, especially if...

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