A discreet disagreement with the concept of motherhood

16 August 2023

Author: Eda Tuulberg   The following post[1] is a brief analysis of Estonian artist Silvi Liiva’s[2] 1977 etching Põld-Põlluke [Field, Little Field] which I saw during one studio visit. In many ways, this is an exceptional work in the context of the representation of motherhood in late Soviet Estonian...

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From Emi Pikler’s nappy-changing table to the artificial womb. Feminist design history of giving birth and being born.

25 July 2023

Author: Viktoria Popovics   Book review: Michelle Millar Fisher and Amber Winick: Designing Motherhood. Things that make and break our Birth, MIT Press, 2021.   Designing Motherhood is a collaborative research project in a variety of forms, based on the personal experiences and professional engagement of two design historians,...

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Of Women and their Invisibility in Histories of Abstraction: Vera Zilzer and Ingibjörg Bjarnason[1]

22 February 2023

Author: Ayelen Pagnanelli   The lives of Ingibjörg Bjarnason (1901-1967) and Vera Zilzer (1927-2004), as different as they were, resemble those of many women artists. Young women who dived into the modern art scene, only to be erased from its history while their lives took them in different directions,...

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Feminist interventions in Eastern Europe and Latin America: a thematic overview

20 February 2023

Author: Petra Šarin Introduction This blog post focuses on the brief thematic overview of feminist interventions, as Griselda Pollock calls artistic production made from a feminist standpoint, without reducing them to one aesthetic or essentialist category. The selected artworks were produced in Eastern Europe and Latin America and range...

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Social imprints of being a woman

20 October 2022

Interview with the artist Ágnes Eperjesi on motherhood, gender, and women’s rights in contemporary Hungary   Ágnes Eperjesi (1965, Budapest) works in several mediums, from photograms, through installations, to projects mixing performance and public demonstration. In her practice, the artist examines the medium of photography and its hidden potential...

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The matriarch of Brazilian contemporary art: Anna Maria Maiolino /PSSSIIIUUU…

30 August 2022

Between May 7th and July 24th, a retrospective exhibition of the Italian-Brazilian artist Anna Maria Maiolino (Scalea, IT, 1942) was held at the Tomie Ohtake Institute in São Paulo, Brazil, with the name of “PSSSIIIUUU…”, an ambiguous onomatopoeic word evoking silence, flirting, or a distant call. Planned for over...

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Women solidarity, creative resistance, and the gendered dimension of the war

5 May 2022

The powerful photo of baby strollers left at the railway station in the Polish city of Przemyśl went viral and was widely shared on social media as a symbol of female solidarity and the camaraderie of motherhood par excellence.  This ephemeral and spontaneous action of Polish mothers in supporting...

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