Book review: Working Girl: On Selling Art and Selling Sex by Sophia Giovannitti

20 November 2023

Author: Marina Vinnik   This book explores art and life, work, and art of Sophia Giovannitti, whose website features a list of works is available: In the book Working Girl: On Selling Art and Selling Sex, the author dives deep into what we call love, art, or work in...

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Feminist interventions in Eastern Europe and Latin America: a thematic overview

20 February 2023

Author: Petra Šarin Introduction This blog post focuses on the brief thematic overview of feminist interventions, as Griselda Pollock calls artistic production made from a feminist standpoint, without reducing them to one aesthetic or essentialist category. The selected artworks were produced in Eastern Europe and Latin America and range...

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fuerzas fotográficas feministas [feminist photographic forces], social media interventions, 2017

Women, Photography, Beauty, and the Gaze in Argentina. The Case of María Carmen Portela and Annemarie Heinrich

19 December 2022

In Argentina, many herstories are yet to be written, particularly those of women artists active before the 1960s. In this vein, the work of German-born Argentine Annemarie Heinrich (1912–2005), a prolific professional photographer, has only recently begun to attract interest from art historians, largely because of the opening of...

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Objects, the unusual and the unrepresentable in the production of Kati Horna

10 June 2022

Mexican art from the first half of the 20th century reveals a necessary and inevitable dialogue with the international context. Although Mexican art sought the identity construction of “Mexicanness”, the links with the international context are unquestionable, and such is the case of Hungarian artist Kati Horna. She arrived...

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