Book review: Working Girl: On Selling Art and Selling Sex by Sophia Giovannitti

20 November 2023

Author: Marina Vinnik   This book explores art and life, work, and art of Sophia Giovannitti, whose website features a list of works is available: In the book Working Girl: On Selling Art and Selling Sex, the author dives deep into what we call love, art, or work in...

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Aging and Images of Youth: Yente’s Collages

7 August 2023

Author: Ayelen Pagnanelli Yente was born Eugenia Crenovich in 1905 in Buenos Aires, Argentina from a well-off Jewish Ukrainian immigrant family. Yente was her nickname, which she used as her artistic name throughout her life. Primarily known for her investigations into geometric abstraction in Buenos Aires, in the 1960s,...

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Feminist interventions in Eastern Europe and Latin America: a thematic overview

20 February 2023

Author: Petra Šarin Introduction This blog post focuses on the brief thematic overview of feminist interventions, as Griselda Pollock calls artistic production made from a feminist standpoint, without reducing them to one aesthetic or essentialist category. The selected artworks were produced in Eastern Europe and Latin America and range...

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Wild wisdom: the woman artist and the political discourse of self-portrait in Oriana Duarte

16 May 2022

The following text examines part of the analysis undertaken in my MA Thesis entitled Selvagem sabedoria: a mulher artista e o discurso político do autorretrato em Oriana Duarte [Wild wisdom: the woman artist and the political discourse of self-portrait in Oriana Duarte], published at the Universidade Federal de Pernambuco’s...

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Feminist Interventions in Croatia: Female Body in Public Space

5 April 2022

In this article*, through three examples of feminist interventions by Croatian female artists from different generations, I will demonstrate how the female body occupies the public space, how it uses the public space in an inappropriate way, debates with it and tolerates repercussions when the norm is violated. The...

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