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Anni Albers’ Theorisation of Textiles: Interwoven Narratives of the 20th Century Art

7 September 2023

Author: Marina Vinnik   The life and work of Anni Albers (1899 – 1994), born Annelise Elsa Frieda Fleischmann, embodies many key narratives of the 20th century and provides truly fascinating research material. Born to a Jewish family in Berlin Charlottenburg, she found a productive artistic path and survived...

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A discreet disagreement with the concept of motherhood

16 August 2023

Author: Eda Tuulberg   The following post[1] is a brief analysis of Estonian artist Silvi Liiva’s[2] 1977 etching Põld-Põlluke [Field, Little Field] which I saw during one studio visit. In many ways, this is an exceptional work in the context of the representation of motherhood in late Soviet Estonian...

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Common Ground: What Connects CEE and LA Art. Previous Narratives and Possible New Approaches (from a Feminist Perspective)

18 April 2023

Author: Wiktoria Szczupacka This blog post departs from the initial concept of the Narrating Art and Feminism seminar, which is based on bringing together two regions, Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and Latin America (LA). Such a connection, deriving from the protest against the hegemony of Western art history...

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Intimate stories in reconfiguring the logic of narratives

26 January 2023

My blogpost will introduce three artworks from contemporary women artists from the region of Eastern and Central Europe, whose art touches upon the questions of personal memory, family archives, and microhistories.[1] Rasa Jansone’s (Latvia, b. 1973) installation “Lost Treasures” from 2008 makes everyday moments “shine” in a new way;...

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(Book Review) Working with Feminism: Curating and Exhibitions in Eastern Europe

23 August 2022

Although published in 2012, the questions and problems relating to feminist curating in Eastern Europe that the book Working with Feminism: Curating and Exhibitions in Eastern Europe brings forward, are still relevant. The book compiles articles based on an international symposium titled Common Differences: Issues for Feminist Curating in...

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