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Carmine-colored shoes: intervening in public spaces against gender violence

6 October 2023

Author: Cecilia Itzel Noriega Vega Red Shoes is an artwork made by the Mexican artist Elina Chauvet. The first installation was created in Ciudad Juárez in 2009 and consisted of placing 33 pairs of red-painted shoes on Avenida Juárez in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico, a place where many disappearances...

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Interview with Gabriela Golder on her work at the Sharjah Biennial

15 May 2023

By Andrea Giunta   Andrea Giunta: You’re participating in the Sharjah Biennial with several works. A very moving biennial, very touching, since the project started before the pandemic, curated by Okwui Enwezor, but, in the meantime, he passed away. He was an extraordinary curator, who transformed the way we view...

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Iurhi Peña’s comic, a tender and scathing intrusion into the Art World

5 April 2023

Author: Unx Pardo Ibarra Iurhi Peña is a visual artist from Mexico City; her artistic practice includes drawing, graphic art, animation, comic and self-publishing. From her own experience, she has problematized the violence experienced by feminized bodies, paying special attention to everyday life, popular culture and the territory of Mexico...

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Feminist Interventions in Croatia: Female Body in Public Space

5 April 2022

In this article*, through three examples of feminist interventions by Croatian female artists from different generations, I will demonstrate how the female body occupies the public space, how it uses the public space in an inappropriate way, debates with it and tolerates repercussions when the norm is violated. The...

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