Book review: Working Girl: On Selling Art and Selling Sex by Sophia Giovannitti

20 November 2023

Author: Marina Vinnik   This book explores art and life, work, and art of Sophia Giovannitti, whose website features a list of works is available: In the book Working Girl: On Selling Art and Selling Sex, the author dives deep into what we call love, art, or work in...

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Carmine-colored shoes: intervening in public spaces against gender violence

6 October 2023

Author: Cecilia Itzel Noriega Vega Red Shoes is an artwork made by the Mexican artist Elina Chauvet. The first installation was created in Ciudad Juárez in 2009 and consisted of placing 33 pairs of red-painted shoes on Avenida Juárez in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico, a place where many disappearances...

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Feminist interventions in Eastern Europe and Latin America: a thematic overview

20 February 2023

Author: Petra Šarin Introduction This blog post focuses on the brief thematic overview of feminist interventions, as Griselda Pollock calls artistic production made from a feminist standpoint, without reducing them to one aesthetic or essentialist category. The selected artworks were produced in Eastern Europe and Latin America and range...

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Intimate stories in reconfiguring the logic of narratives

26 January 2023

My blogpost will introduce three artworks from contemporary women artists from the region of Eastern and Central Europe, whose art touches upon the questions of personal memory, family archives, and microhistories.[1] Rasa Jansone’s (Latvia, b. 1973) installation “Lost Treasures” from 2008 makes everyday moments “shine” in a new way;...

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