Rosana Paulino. Amefricana: Exhibition at the Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires (MALBA)

9 January 2024

Author: Andrea Giunta On March 21, 2024 opens Rosana Paulino’s exhibition at MALBA, Museum of Latin American Art in Buenos Aires. This is her first comprehensive exhibition of her work outside of Brazil, which I am co-curating with Igor Simoes. Active since the 90s, Rosana Paulino – who has...

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Aging and Images of Youth: Yente’s Collages

7 August 2023

Author: Ayelen Pagnanelli Yente was born Eugenia Crenovich in 1905 in Buenos Aires, Argentina from a well-off Jewish Ukrainian immigrant family. Yente was her nickname, which she used as her artistic name throughout her life. Primarily known for her investigations into geometric abstraction in Buenos Aires, in the 1960s,...

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Women Artists and National Art Histories: the case of Andrée Moch in Argentina

17 July 2023

Author: Georgina G. Gluzman In Argentina, art history has been written as a local account. However, circulations have been crucial for the Argentine scene . This short text explores the connections between women artists and migration, by focusing on the case of Andrée Moch (1879-1953). Her status as a woman...

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Interview with Gabriela Golder on her work at the Sharjah Biennial

15 May 2023

By Andrea Giunta   Andrea Giunta: You’re participating in the Sharjah Biennial with several works. A very moving biennial, very touching, since the project started before the pandemic, curated by Okwui Enwezor, but, in the meantime, he passed away. He was an extraordinary curator, who transformed the way we view...

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fuerzas fotográficas feministas [feminist photographic forces], social media interventions, 2017

Women, Photography, Beauty, and the Gaze in Argentina. The Case of María Carmen Portela and Annemarie Heinrich

19 December 2022

In Argentina, many herstories are yet to be written, particularly those of women artists active before the 1960s. In this vein, the work of German-born Argentine Annemarie Heinrich (1912–2005), a prolific professional photographer, has only recently begun to attract interest from art historians, largely because of the opening of...

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A reflection on Las olas del deseo. Feminismos, diversidades y cultura visual 2010–2020+

10 October 2022

Las olas del deseo. Feminismos, diversidades y cultura visual 2010–2020+ Casa Nacional del Bicentenario March 11–September 11, 2022 In her book, Feminist International: How to Change Everything, political scientist Verónica Gago argues for embracing the concept of feminist potencia. She contends that this act “is to vindicate the indeterminacy...

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A View from the South: New (and Feminist) Narratives of Argentine Art

7 December 2021

As a feminist, working-class, and mid-career scholar, I would have never expected to write the personal and professional narrative I am about to begin.[1] In 2019, I was offered a unique chance: the Artistic Director of the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (link: of Argentina, Mariana Marchesi, called...

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